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All about REAL

All about REAL

Somerset County

REAL (Resilient Environments and Landscapes) is a set of rule amendments that will position New Jersey as a leader in adapting to, and mitigating, the impacts of climate change.

These amendments update several key state rules, and are designed to protect both people and property, build more resilient communities, and enhance environmental quality throughout the state.

These critical measures address the destructive impacts of climate change by updating some of New Jersey's obsolete land use and environmental protection rules.  They will:

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Adjust Coastal Flood Hazard Areas

to account for increasing storm surge due to rising sea levels, extending jurisdiction further inland, requiring elevation (i.e., residential, infrastructure) or floodproofing

Create an Inundation Risk Zone

to address risk from sea-level rise for proposed residential buildings and critical structures in areas of permanent or daily inundation.


Update Stormwater Management Regulations

to reduce the risk of flooding and improve water quality through sound stormwater management practices in areas where stormwater is unmanaged or inadequately managed

Improve State Alignment with Federal Programs

specifically, with FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program.





Create More Resilient Landscapes

by encouraging nature-based solutions and working with nature to protect our communities and resources.

Support Renewable Energy

by balancing habitat conservation with novel infrastructure demands.

Wetlands on the Passaic River

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Hoboken, October 2012

Paterson, August 2011

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Moonachie December 2012

US Army Corp of Engineers

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Somerset County September 2021

NJ National Guard

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