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Social Media Toolkit

If you think it's time for New Jersey to GET REAL on climate resiliency, help spread the word! It's easy!
  • Right-click on an image below and save it to your desktop.
  • Log in to your social media site of choice.
  • Copy and paste one of the sample messages below into your status update or create one of your own (be sure to include #GETREALNJ).
  • Upload the saved image from your desktop.
  • Post your update and encourage others to share the message--it's time to #GETREALNJ.



Sample Messages

  • Some people are saying that defending state residents and businesses from the destructive forces of climate changes is impractical, unfair, and bad for New Jersey.  That's just not true!  Get the facts at #GetRealNJ

  • Spread the word, New Jersey!  The DEP's Resilient Environments and Landscapes (REAL) amendments will help protect residents and businesses from the catastrophic effects of rising seal levels and surging stormwater.  Learn more at! #GetRealNJ

  • It's time for New Jersey to get REAL! Tell your state representatives and local leaders that YOU support the DEP's efforts to protect state residents and businesses from the devastating impacts of climate change--and they should too!  Visit to learn more. #GetRealNJ

So, what are you waiting for?

Act now.

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