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four years.

New Jersey has been waiting for action for four years.

It's time to get REAL.

High waves from Sandy carve an inlet at Mantoloking

Dear Governor Murphy,

Thank you for advancing your long-awaited Resilient Environments and Landscapes (REAL) rules. Now, we look to you to ensure these critical measures are adopted as soon as possible.

Right now, sea levels are rising 3x faster than they have for two thousand years.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, weather and climate disasters since 1999 have cost New Jersey between $50B and $100B. This includes destruction related to poor stormwater management and  obsolete land use regulations.

(That's a one with 11 zeros after it.)


That's roughly the equivalent of . . . 


18% of NJ's entire Gross State Product

the combined yearly revenues of Prudential and Merck

the economic output of
NJ’s entire manufacturing sector

double NJ’s annual tourism industry revenue

and the average annual salaries for 1,000,000 state residents.

(As of 2022, the last year for which reliable economic data is generally available.)

Little Falls home destroyed by Ida

Little Falls home destroyed by Ida


Some people will tell you that protecting state residents and businesses from the destructive impacts of climate change is bad for New Jersey.  They'll tell you that the REAL amendments are impractical, unfair, That's just not true.

So what are you waiting for?

Route 18, New Brunswick

Route 18, New Brunswick

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