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Right now, New Jersey is ground zero for the destructive impacts of climate change.

Right now, New Jersey is ground zero for the destructive impacts of climate change.

High seas carve a new inlet in Mantoloking

And right now, state residents have an unprecedented opportunity to help create a safer, healthier, more prosperous state for all.

Don't miss your chance, New Jersey. It's time to get REAL.

What is REAL?

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REAL stands for Resilient Environments and Landscapes.  It's a package of crucial revisions to several key state regulations designed to make New Jersey more resilient to the devastating impacts climate change. 

These revisions will bring the state's obsolete land use, stormwater management, and wetlands regulations into alignment with New Jersey's new reality:  warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, and stronger and more frequent downpours.

Learn more New Jersey's climate change problem here.

Somerset County September 2021

What will REAL do for New Jersey?


By mitigating the destructive impacts of climate change on New Jersey's communities, the REAL amendments will make New Jersey a safer, healthier, more prosperous place to live, work, and play. 

They will save state residents billions of dollars in property damage, income loss, and the tax costs of replacing ravaged infrastructure.

They will make New Jersey the leader in sustainable development and create thousands of jobs in cutting-edge industries.

Learn more about REAL here.

What can you do to help NJ get REAL?


Get the

Some people will tell you that protecting state residents and businesses from the destructive forces of climate change is impractical, unfair, and bad for New Jersey.


That's just not true.

Spread the Word

Spread the

Tell everyone you know that now is the time to get REAL!


Use our social media toolkit to spread the word about this important opportunity to help make NJ more resilient to climate change.

Send a Message

Send a

Send our leaders a clear message: you think it's time to get REAL, and they should too!


Urge them to support this critical effort to protect our state from climate change and its catastrophic impacts.

Stay Informed!


Keep up to date with the latest information on the state's progress on climate resiliency. Know what actions you can take to help ensure that New Jersey not only survives but thrives in an era of profound change.

So, what are you waiting for?

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