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This isn't the glimpse of the future, New Jersey.

This is now.

Lambertville home destroyed by Ida

Lambertville home destroyed by Ida

Right now, one of your neighbors is mourning the death of someone who drowned in flood waters.

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About me: Originally from Louisiana, I love global climate change and traveling. Last year, I carved a path of death and catastrophe from the gulf coast to the northeast. in new jersey alone I killed 30 people, wrecked hundreds of homes, caused billions of dollars in damage, and destroyed countless lives.

Since 1999, New Jersey residents have endured seven 100-year storm events and three 500-year events. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, weather and climate disasters since 1999 have cost New Jersey between $50B and $100B.

(That's a one with 11 zeros after it.)


According to FEMA, if your home is flooded here's what you can expect to pay . . . 

3'' of flood water

3 in flood.png


6'' of flood water

6 in flood.png


9'' of flood water

9 in flood.png

12'' of flood water


12'' of flood water

12 in flood.png


4' of flood water

4 ft flood.png


. . . if it's a 1500 sq ft one-story home.  For a smaller one-story home or larger 2-story home, learn more here.

(Just remember to add 33% because this is Jersey.)

Little Falls home destroyed by Ida

Little Falls home destroyed by Ida


New Jersey residents are paying the cost of climate change, in dollars and in lives.  But don't take our word for it.  Or anyone else's.  Find out for yourself.

Dear Governor Murphy,

In early 2020 you announced, with much fanfare, the NJPACT (New Jersey Protecting Against Climate Threats) initiative. These measures were supposed to protect the residents of this great state from the catastrophic effects of climate change, including flooding. Two years and two devastating storms later, and still nothing.

What are you waiting for? Act now!

New Jersey

So what are you waiting for?

Route 18, New Brunswick

Route 18, New Brunswick

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